Serving Suggestions

Cheese Button Basics

  • Our Cheese Buttons come fully cooked. Simply thaw, heat and serve. The most common preparation is to brown them in butter or olive oil and enjoy!
  • Here at Calico's we still make Cheese Buttons by hand. We call it putting the love into them.
  • Always tender, always delicious, George's Famous Cheese Buttons are a perfect fit any time of the day.


  • Bowl & Button- Brown a Button and serve with a bowl of your favorite soup.
  • Button Chowder- brown chopped green onions and celery in butter until tender then add milk or cream and salt and pepper. Lay Cheese Buttons in this broth and re-heat but do not boil. Serve in bowl and garnish with dill or chives. For variety add bell pepper or bacon bits or meat broth.


  • Buttons & Sausage- Brown Cheese Buttons and German sausage. Smother with grilled onions and bell pepper and serve with creamy cucumber salad or cabbage slaw.
  • Button Dinner- Brown several Cheese Buttons in butter. Remove Buttons and set aside. Add bread crumbs and finely chopped onions to the pan of hot butter and stir until browned. Spread sour cream over the hot Buttons and allow it to melt. Now sprinkle the crumb/onion mix over all and serve with a cup of Borscht or Cucumber Salad.


  • Button Bites- Fry Buttons in oil until brown and crispy then serve on platter with Cucumber Dip or any of your favorite dipping sauces.
  • Cucumber Dip- Puree one large  peeled and seeded cucumber in blender. Add puree to one cup sour cream, 1/2 tsp dill weed and sea salt to taste. Mix well and chill.


  • Button Scrambles- Slice a Cheese Button into 1/4 inch strips, lay strips in a greased fry pan exposing tender cheese centers and pour two whipped eggs over all, Cook covered until eggs are solid. Garnish with chives and shredded cheddar and serve with hash browns and orange slices.
  • Button Breakfast- Brown two Cheese Buttons and serve with fried breakfast Sausage or Bacon and seasonal fruit.


  • Sweet Buttons- Gently warm several Cheese Buttons and set aside. Heat 1/4 cup Sour Cream in microwave or on stove top, stir in 2 tsp powdered sugar and one drop vanilla. Spead frosting over Buttons and garnish with a dash of cinnamon/sugar or pinch of streusel. Serve warm.